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Best way to deal with the ageism in the workplace

Don’t assume your workplace or you are 100 percent immune to age discrimination. During the processing and decision-making process, our brains rely on established stereotypes. Be aware of your own thinking patterns. Ask challenging questions. You shouldn’t distance yourself by thinking that this could never happen to you if you see signs of ageism that aren’t directed at you.

If you have experienced ageism at work, or if you are concerned that it may occur, here’s how to deal with it:

Middle Aged Older Business Woman Watching Professional Training

  • Take steps to ensure your continued growth and development. Keep up with trends and best practices, and push yourself to become better every year. If you want to prevent ageism in singapore, find a mentor, either within your current company or outside.
  • Engage in a campaign against the stereotype of an aging professional who is resistant to change, low on energy, and coasting without ambition. Older workers today typically possess a wealth of industry and institutional knowledge. Don’t list your age as one of the reasons your boss should be more lenient with you. Make sure you don’t believe that your workplace owes you anything. Be aware of how your own thinking influences your behavior – don’t buy into age stereotypes.
  • You should project the same level of professionalism and polish as your younger colleagues. Understandably, you feel confident in your position as a successful contributor, but that doesn’t mean you should back down from doing your best to represent your company.

Maintain your network and keep your options open like your younger colleagues. Update your resume and your online profile at least once a year. Follow the latest standards to avoid looking dated. In the end, staying on top of your career is the most effective way to prevent age discrimination.