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What Is Aluminum Extrusion

An aluminium extrusion singapore is the aluminum extrusion into a shape that may be used in many different applications. The process starts with casting molten aluminum metal into the desired shape using sand molds or die tools.

Extrusion can be made out of aluminum, magnesium, silicon, titanium, copper, silver-nickel-zinc alloys. This feature makes it suitable for construction products such as siding and curtain walling for buildings.Aluminum extrusion is when raw aluminum metal is fed into a continuous die to produce the desired shape or profile. To be extruded, it must be heated to a temperature over 800 degrees Celsius.

Types of aluminum extrusions:

Aluminum extrusion is converting aluminum into thin sheets, tubes, or profiles through mechanical deformation. Sections are then cut from the sheet with a machine that can saw accurately.Aluminum extrusion is mainly produced in two forms – hot and cold. It is used for building construction, machines, cookware, and other industrial purposes. Aluminum extrusions are also available in different types like cast aluminum, cold-rolled steel (CRS), forged aluminum (FA), cast iron (CI), and ductility aluminum (DA).

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There are two types of aluminum extrusions: hot-extrusion and cold-extrusion. The former process occurs at temperatures greater than their melting point (about 660 degrees Celsius). In comparison, the latter process occurs at temperatures lower than their melting point (about -196 degrees Celsius).

Aluminum extrusions are widely used in construction, aerospace, automobile, and other industries worldwide because of their exceptional properties. Apart from being lightweight but very strong, these materials can also be recycled easily if they’re not required anymore.